In July this year, the Quattro Group launched an in-house Wills and Estate Administration service called Quattro Wills & Estates.

Quattro Wills & Estates has partnered with Capital Legacy, one of the country’s largest and most trusted Wills and Estate Administration companies providing world class fiduciary services, cutting edge systems and five star client service.

Over the years we have found that many people put in a great deal of time and effort into their financial plans, but fail to realise the consequences of not having a correctly drafted or up to date Will in place. Even worse, many people sit with a draft Will that never gets signed purely because life gets busy and the Will is not seen as a priority. With a dedicated Wills & Estates division in place, our mandate is to ensure that every Quattro client has a valid and updated Will in place that aligns with their financial plans. At no cost to you, one of our professional Wills Consultants will meet with you to assist in the drafting of your Will. They will also discuss the solutions we have in place to mitigate the costs associated with winding up your Estate.

At Quattro Wills & Estates there is no fee payable for the drafting of your Will, amendments to your Will or for it’s safe keeping.

Why is a Will so important?

1. Practical allocation of your assets
2. You can nominate your Executor and Trustees
3. You can pre-empt exorbitant estate legal costs
4. You can plan for estate duty and capital gains taxes
5. You can appoint Guardians of your choice for minor children
6. Difficult family relationships can be managed and avoid fighting after death.
7. Expedites the administration process

Without a will in place:

1. The State will have a say in matters including appointing of executors and fees
2. The State will have a say in how your assets are split up
3. Minors’ cash from the estate could go to the Government Guardian Fund and is then managed by the government
4. Minors’ Immovable property is registered in the surviving parent’s name without the ability to rent or sell until minor comes of age
5. Confusion, wasted costs and time
6. Lengthy administration process

If you don’t have an up to date Will or are not sure if your current Will is correctly drafted, please email and one of our Wills Consultants to get in touch with you to set up an appointment at your convenience.

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